Saturday, May 24, 2014


We heard about Geocashing years ago, but never seemed to get it together to try it- until today! There was nothing on the calendar, so while enjoying a little (read 7:05am) sleep in on a Saturday morning- I decided to download a free Geocashing app. Eva had recently made and traded several mini crafts for Brownies, so I felt like we were well prepared to leave some treasure. When we told the kids they were very excited.

Our first destinations were located in Watershed Park. There were two caches there, and both had been most recently discovered in March 2014, so we felt confident that they would still be there. It was very exciting to get closer and closer to the cache. The app tells you how many meters away from the site you are; it also has a compass that tells you what direction to go.

We veered off the main path and took a smaller, single file trail in the forest. It was quite twisty, and we were probably wandering around on this -too narrow- trail for about half an hour before we found our way back to the main trail. The kids were troopers- not worried about stepping over dead logs, or having to push back small branches.

We made a rule that if someone found it, they had to do their best not ruin it for the others. That is a hard trick to learn for kids, but by the second cash they had perfected it! There was lots of excitement once we had found it;  even a little bit of fighting over who would get to open it, and who would get first choice of trading treasure.

Over all it was a wonderful experience. We will definitely do it again. In fact, I think the kids are all motivated to try and create a new treasure spot of our own, for others to find.

We FOUND it!!!

Theo writing in the tiny enclosed book.
Theo took a jewel and left a Canuck key chain.

We had stop and look at the slugs!

On the way back to the car; everyone very content and hungry from all that walking!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We thought it was really important to put Kezia in preschool this year. She did not attend last year, and while it was nice to have all three kids home- it also caused a lot of stress at times. The girls just wanted to play together all day, therefore Eva often refused to do school work because she wanted to play with her sister. It was also quite clear, that Kezia was always following her older sister. So to benefit them both, we decided to put Kezia in preschool with her best friend B.
It has been the most wonderful experience for her and for us at home. Kezia goes for one full day, and one half day per week to the preschool that our church runs. She loves preschool and is always very excited to go. I think she feels special, that she has something to do, that her siblings do not. It has given her the opportunity to make new friends, play with new and different toys and crafts, learn to follow the lead of different teachers, and generally explore who she is as a person without the dominance of her older sister.
At home, it has offered me time to dig deeper on more complicated lessons without interruption from curious wee hands, and has helped to take away some distractions. It is beautiful to see them all come together again at the end of the day. They are genuinely so happy to be reunited. Here is a photo, of a day that we came a bit early and the kids were still out on the playground.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Scouts and Girl Guides

This fall Eva was invited to Brownies by a friend, and she LOVED it from day one. She learned the Brownie motto and promise, and comes home each week smiling from ear to ear while singing the song of the evening. We joined late (mid November) since it was a Brownie Halloween Party that she had been invited to by her friend; yet she was there in enough time to still be a part of the welcoming ceremony. I must admit, I got a little choked up watching her perform the very same ceremony that I participated in as a Brownie myself several years back! Then, to our surprise, as we were leaving the ceremony, the Wise Owl walked over to use with three crates of cookies to sell! Eva was very excited and got straight to work the next day.

There is a school across the tracks form us, and many people walk by after school. So Eva set up camp, with signs and blankets.

Theo joined in on the fun, by making a sign, and attaching it to his body. He then walked to the corner of our block, trying to persuade any passersby to come buy cookies! She went door to door in the freezing temperature. I had to laugh because one of the guide lines for selling cookies is to wear your uniform- yet usually the cookies are sold in September and late spring, when the weather is warmer. We posted a plea on Facebook, to see if there were any friends who were interested in buying cookies. To our surprise and delight some friends from London decided to buy 4 boxes, with the requirement that Eva make some lovely cards, and think of 4 people who could use a little extra love in the form of cookies. It was such a wonderful project for us all to participate in. Eva again got straight to work, making some lovely cards. Then she took the time to visit with each of the people who received a box of cookies all of whom were elderly. It was a beautiful sight to see, and something that she will remember forever. 

Theo was feeling left out of all the fun, and asked if he could join Scouts. We visited several different Scouts units in Richmond and were not able to find a good fit. Then I remembered one of my students from last year, who attended one in Ladner that was for Home Learners- put on during the day. We check it out, and were delighted to learn that Eva (and Kezia once she's 5) can attend as well. Here is Theo in his new Scouts shirt, reading up on all the badges that he plans to conquer!

Theo and Kezia painting the bird house that they made.

Eva coloured a cute page, for her Brownies binder.

At one of their first meetings of Scouts/Guides, Theo learned how to sew. Apparently, he's a natural! I'll have to give my mom credit for that gene!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Fall Family Fun

As busy as this fall has been, we have been blessed with such lovely dry weather that constantly enticed us outside. Here are a few highlights!

Leaf Jumping

Caramel Apple Tasting

Leaf Hunting

Tractor Driving

Leaf Catching

Sister Hugging

Bike Riding

Top of the World -Standing

Picture posing

More picture posing.

Pretend to sleep on brother's shoulders while walking.

Sweet Sweet Smiling.